Porsche Crossdrive - Outlaw Golfing

Golfing for everyone, any time, any place – cross golf is a trending sport that focuses on the essentials and gets by with just a few rules. The Porsche Newsroom explains what it’s all about and why the Cayenne is the perfect cross golf cart. Golf is a many-faceted thing but is also subject to prejudices, having the image of an expensive, elite sport. While there may be reasons for this, cross golf (or urban golf) is changing perceptions as the smaller, wilder brother of traditional golf. All you need to play it are one or two standard golf clubs, special cross golf balls and a little creativity, because practically anywhere can be used as a course as long as passers-by are not endangered. Claudio Orlik has been a fixture on the cross golf scene for many years now. The 42-year-old is a member of the German national team, winning a European cross golf runner-up medal in 2016 as an active player and becoming European champion in 2017 as the team manager. The tournaments are organised by the Urban Golf Collective – the world federation of cross golf, so to speak, which is run on a voluntary basis.

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