Genesis G70 vs BMW 3 Series vs Kia Stinger: Sport Sedan Comparison

There's a new BMW 3 Series on the way, but for now, can this current model still set the benchmark? The BMW 3 Series is the sports sedan that supported a whole brand and launched an entire market segment, with countless of other automakers chasing that perfect blend of luxury and fun that the 3 always managed to perfect. But in recent years, the 3 Series identity has been questioned. Some say BMW has lost its way, focusing on its SUV lineup rather than its sporty sedans. With exhaust notes pumping through the speakers, an odd clumsiness in the steering and the overall cars feeling heavier than agile BMW certainly has changed its approach.

Beyond that, other automakers have stolen some of the spotlight. Mercedes has put a beautiful cabin in its C-Class, and Audi has some impressive technology to wow its customers. BMW may have even lost its edge in terms of sportiness, as we’ve found the new Genesis G70 feeling more and more agile and fun to drive.

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