Brembo data - 2018 Moto GP Grand Prix of Japan

Two weeks after Formula 1, MotoGP also arrives in Japan for the 16th round of the World Championship, scheduled from 19th to 21st October at Twin Ring Motegi. Built by Honda in 1997, it is located on the hills surrounding the town of Motegi, on Honshū Island, the largest in the country.

The name Twin Ring derives from the union of the English terms Twin and German Ring and serves to indicate the presence on this area of two tracks: an oval and a road circuit that intersect between the curves 5-6 and 11-12.

Of course, the MotoGP uses the road circuit that is characterized by a few fast corners and many lenses, interspersed with straights of medium length: there are even 7 curves faced by the bikes at less than 100 km / h.
Just the abundance of second gear corners makes it since its first use in the World Championship, in 1999, one of the most challenging for the brakes complicit the difficulty of cooling the discs between a detached and the other."

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